The First International Competition of Young Musicians named after Nariman Sabitov was established in 2020 and is dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Bashkir classical composer of the XX century Nariman Gilyazetdinovich Sabitov. Students of children’s music schools and art schools in Russia, young musicians from the CIS and foreign countries from 7 to 15 years old are invited to participate in the competition.
The competition will be held in a remote format and will be held in one tour. The age of the participants of this competition is determined as of the time of the beginning of the competition on November 01, 2021.



The creative work of Nariman Sabitov (1925-1971), one of the prominent composers of the republic, played an important role in the formation of the Bashkir piano art. The development of most genres of national piano music, including major and minor forms, is inseparably associated with his name.
As a composer, Nariman Sabitov enriched the Bashkir music with a number of significant works, being the founder of the instrumental concert genres, chamber-vocal cycle and the cycle of piano preludes, ballet on a modern plot, opera and ballet for children.
Nariman Gilyazetdinovich Sabitov was born on January 11, 1925 in the city of Kazan, in a theatrical family. Having received an elementary musical education in the Children’s music school No. 1 of the city of Ufa (now named after him), Sabitov continued his studies at the Moscow Conservatory. Having successfully graduated from the Bashkir department of the Moscow Conservatory, he was transferred to the main course of the composer’s department of the conservatory without exams. Being an excellent student, he has been receiving the Petr Ilich Tchaikovsky scholarship during all years of study.

Upon his return to Ufa, he spent the following years (1953-1971) combining composer activity and conducting, without leaving the conductor's desk at the Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theater.
Nariman Sabitov devoted a lot of energy to the study of Bashkir folklore, often using folk themes as a quote in his compositions. In such cases, the folk song was enriched by rhythmic transformations, new orchestral techniques of development, and was colored by a noble subtle harmony, which helped to reveal its inner grandeur and dynamism.
The creative work of the prominent Bashkir composer and theater professional Nariman Gilyazetdinovich Sabitov has received wide recognition in the republic and abroad.
Many inspired pages of the composer’s creative heritage have become national classics and for several decades have been firmly included in the concert programs of the leading masters of the musical art of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and other national republics.

Participants of the I International Competition for Young Musicians named after Nariman Sabitov (piano, violin)