Awarding the winners:

According to the results of the competition in each category the titles of award winners and diploma winners, and also the Grand Prix of the competition and special diploma for the best performance of Nariman Sabitov’s compositions are awarded.

The teachers who prepared the award winners are awarded with letters of gratitude.

The judges have the right:

• To award not all award-winning places;

• To transfer award-winning places into other categories and age groups;

• To divide award-winning places between participants;

• To reduce scores for the exceeding of time limit of the program;

• To reduce scores for the violation of video records’ quality demands;

• Judges’ decisions are final and are not subject to revision.

• Organizing Committee reserves the right to process and store personal data and also to publish the abovesaid information on the Internet.

All electronic diplomas will be hosted on the official website of the competition in the section “Participants”.