Conditions of participation and submission of applications:

Competition is held from November 01, 2021 till November 03, 2021 in a remote format on video records in two categories: “Piano” and “Violin”.

Students of children’s music schools and art schools of Russia, young musicians of the CIS and foreign countries from 7 to 15 years old may take part in this competition.

Participants of the competition are divided into the following age groups:

The I group: 7-9 years

The II group: 10-12 years

The III group: 13-15 years

Is necessary to send applications before October 20, 2021.

Performing of two musical compositions of one and the same author is not allowed!

Changes of program specified in the application after receiving it by the Organizing Committee are not allowed.

The I group: recording time is up to 10 minutes.

The II group: recording time is up to 20 minutes.

The III group: recording time is up to 25 minutes.

For the exceeding of stated time-limit judges have the right to withdraw scores.

For the participation it is necessary to do the following:

To fill application form on the official website of the competition

Music sheet of Nariman Sabitov’scompositions included in the competition program is present on the website in the section “Music sheet”.

The video record must meet the following requirements:

• The entire program is performed from memory;
• The video must be shot horizontally. It is not allowed to record video from the phone in a vertical position (narrow-format video);
• The video should not be recorded against the light to avoid darkening the image;
• The video record must clearly show the instrument, face and hands of the participant of the competition;
• The video record of the performed program must be made from a single stationary video camera, without pauses, audio and video editing. The competition program is recorded in one file, without breaks of videos between compositions;
• Files with the video record of the competition program must be placed in one of the services (cloud data storage) – YouTube, Cloud, Yandex Drive, Google Drive – with open access by link.

Videos that do not meet the specified requirements will not be admitted to participate in the competition.